Barriers in the family home

Barriers to daily living often result from major lifestyle changes caused by disability or aging.  Advice on how and what physical changes might be necessary to a home to remove or lessen the barriers should come from a professional that has education and experience with design, accessibility codes/standards, and the construction industry.
Design For All Inc. is a consulting service that works in collaboration with the client and family, case managers, occupational therapists and other team members involved in the creative problem solving necessary to remove barriers and improve quality of life.  The services provided are based upon over 25 years of experience in user-centered design and education in the areas of codes/standards and accessible design for the industry.
Design For All Inc. provides a range of services to draw upon including:

  • Site assessments to document existing conditions for a project and to assist in the rationale for change to project funders;
  • Collaboration with the client and family, along with case managers, occupational therapists, and other team members, in the development of potential options for the modification of the home or work environment to increase usability;
  • the development of working drawings / scope of work documents to support: obtaining cost estimates and the project management for the construction process;
  • product sourcing for unusual / unique problems or situations;

A successful project must begin with the proper identification of the barriers to independence. This process allows for the design of potential solutions that meet the funding criteria, and the development of proper documentation to manage the changes.
Similar to baking a cake, some knowledge about flour and eggs does not provide enough information to make a Martha Stewart Wedding Cake.  Funding and construction nightmares happen when there is a lack of assessment and full documentation, an absence of a client-focused design, or the assumption that the construction can be managed without proper and thorough documentation.
At the cost of construction today, poor planning and management can be costly and potentially disastrous.  Mitigate potential pitfalls when removing barriers to home and work environments; consider contacting: Design For All Inc. to assist in removing the barriers.