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Design For All Inc. is a professional design consulting firm that specializes in the areas of accessibility, Universal Design, and sustainable design.  Design For All Inc. is operated by Brian Everton, a Professional Interior Designer who has also completed studies in industrial design and business management.   Mr. Everton has specialized in the areas of functional design for products and the built-environment with respect to the issues of disabilities, aging and universal design for over 25 years.  Following several years in the healthcare product design and manufacturing field, he was also instrumental in establishing a non-profit community consulting service with a specializing focus on the design needs for people with disabilities.Design For All Inc. works, in collaboration with other professional designers, on a variety of projects that range in scale from single family dwellings, to major architectural developments like the Winnipeg Airport Redevelopment project and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  This work is often based upon compressed time frames to provide the integration of input from the broad range of parties involved; including people with disabilities, advocacy organizations, medical and rehabilitation specialists, landlords, insurance case managers, and construction-related trades.
Design For All provides a range of services to draw upon including:

  • Site assessments of existing environments to identify potential barriers to full accommodation;
  • The development of approach / process to mitigate the barriers in an existing environment;
  • Drawing reviews throughout the design process based upon benchmarked standards and codes;
  • Accessibility analysis input with stakeholders/client groups, professional designers, and other team members, in the development of potential options for accessibility or Universal Design to increase usability;
  • Product sourcing for unusual / unique compensatory or accessibility related issues;
  • Continuing educational courses on the topics of accessibility, Universal Design, and user-centered design for the rehabilitation / case management process.